How do businesses currently transfer sensitive documents?

Businesses that exchange sensitive information are at risk by using systems that have significant security issues and are extremely inefficient like fax, postal and courier.  

Other businesses risk exposure by emailing information or using systems that do not provide adequate security and traceability.

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Our market

These industries require secure document transfer every day.

Medical Professionals

Legal Professionals

Insurance and Finance

Real Estate and more

The Next Generation of secure Document transfer

- Easy to use - Secure - Fast - Cost Effective

Datacast360 has designed a patent pending system that provides end to end encryption to protect data in transit with unique features that identify the user, device and location to ensure that only the correct recipient can decrypt the data.

The system is safe, secure (meets or exceeds privacy regulations), and easy to use with full End-to-End Encryption (ETEE) for all transmissions.

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